Another fake Town Hall

Those who attended a Town Hall hosted by Congressman Dave Brat last week saw a classic demonstration of psychological manipulation.

And some who were there might recall another Town Hall hosted by Delegate Farrell, and Senator’s Garrett and Reeves in 2014 that was described by Jeff Schapiro of the Richmond Times Dispatch as “welcome to the echo chamber.”

This meeting followed a similar pattern; with the speaker laying out homilies for the faithful, who respond with a chorus of amen’s, with one audience member subjecting everyone to a constant barrage of commentary.

Brat took few questions from the audience, and it was clear that with several coming from Party claques that they were more affirmations of faith than actual questions. Meanwhile most of Brat’s answers were so long winded that most of the audience had long ago forgotten the original question.

The purpose of this Town Hall wasn’t to inform the people about his actions in Congress, it was a tent revival gathering of the faithful. And like the 2014 Town Hall, Brat gave the audience of establishment types and tea partiers exactly what they wanted to hear.

His grandiose claims that Judeo Christian values and moral principles of government are why he’s been so busy appearing on TV and radio unapologetically articulating the Republican creed, while simultaneously saying he was voting NO against reckless spending, regulation, and debt went completely unchallenged.

Comments that completely failed to talk about what he has accomplished during his first term. So what has he done for the people of the 7th Congressional District?

When asked by an audience member what he intended to do about fixing Pell Grants, his response was a long tirade about the importance of moral principles in education, and concluded with him saying that he didn’t want to give them any “wrong information” and would need some time to “research” it and would get back to them.

Brat’s idea of supporting education is to claim on his website that he voted for universal savings plans and that an annual tax free account of ~ $ 1,000 to $ 2,500 a year is enough to finance education and even retirement.

Perhaps he’s anxious to conceal the fact that by voting for the A Plus amendment to the Student Success Act that no one would notice that he voted to manipulate education grants to states, claiming this drastic measure was necessary to stop excessive “federal overreach” and to ensure “transparency” in education.

Brat’s actions in congress should make it clear that his commitment to moral principles consists of voting against virtually every bill which might have begun to fix some of the countries biggest education problems.

So the next time you see him flashing his Cheshire cat grin… I mean making fearful distractions about terrorism, immigration, and refugees, be sure to ask him what he’s doing about our children’s future?

Jon Taylor



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