Trump hasn’t changed; he’s as bad as ever

Can American voters be so naïve that they actually believe Donald Trump is a changed man and he’s no longer a narcissist, a bigot, a male chauvinist, a liar, a hypocrite or the biggest egotist alive?

His attitudes toward African-Americans, Hispanics and Muslims have not changed. The “new Donald” is not the “real Donald.” When Donald gets on the podium these days, he is not expressing his views, he is reading what his newest staff thinks he needs to say in order to get more votes.

Donald has no platform of his own. His deportation plan is unrealistic. His wall is laughable. His tax cut plan will benefit the rich, and make our national debt skyrocket. His military stance is frightening.

And his lack of maturity is appalling. Grown men don’t call people names, make fun of handicapped people, disrespect veterans who have died or been wounded for us, spread lies about other people, threaten use of nuclear weapons or threaten to split with longtime U.S. allies.

The real Donald is the man who cheats people out of the money he owes them and has caused several small businesses to go under. He’s the one who “uses the system” to bankrupt his companies, passing the buck to others while he walks away with millions. He is the one that would not allow African-Americans to rent his property. He is the “jobs candidate” who took jobs from Americans by having the majority of his products made in foreign countries and by hiring foreigners instead of Americans to work at his hotels in the United States. He is the one who cheated people out of their money by offering a bogus university.

Donald is the epitome of the ugly American. Like the leopard’s spots, he cannot change.

Deanna Nicosia

Editor’s note: this is re-posted with the author’s permission, and originally appeared here

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  1. Great LTE! Trump is as Trump does. I am shocked by how many “good people” pretend not to see the evil in Trump. This is not a case he has a big mouth but also has a big heart! He has no heart! He never has and never will!!

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