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What Mark Itzkoff did not know when spoke with Goochland Supervisor Ken Peterson at the recent Celebrating Democracy day at Louisa High school was that he “was not invited as a candidate” by the organizers, and he apparently “came with party members.”

Whether that’s an indication that the local conservative bench is so thin that the only way to keep up appearances was to bring in outside help is unclear.

Since Brat is someone Louisa County voters can actually vote for, his reasons for attending this event were legitimate. And his sermonizing and contemptuous dismissal of legitimate questions continues to indicate the magnitude of his disconnect from his constitutients, as is this photo of this event from his own Facebook page.

birds(Past and present chairs of Louisa Republican’s and Brat, with students)

Not content with misinforming the youth of Louisa, he has taken his dog and pony show on the road, preaching to an even more impressionable audience at the Goochland Middle School.


(Indoctrinating Goochland Middle School students)

And as support for Trump continues to diminish, Brat who in month’s past was openly endorsing him, while disingenuously claiming that “he’s unique in the way he’s communicating, so we don’t know what it all means yet.” Or that the absence of any specific policy proposals weren’t a great concern.

drumpf-brat(Who is this Drumpf you’re speaking of?)

Is now doing everything he can to publicly distance himself from any association with Trump. Expecting the voters to believe that his recent participation in his running mates Governor Pence rally does not reflect his ongoing support, or that he’s not a member of Donald Trump’s state leadership committee.


(Brat at Henrico rally)

Or that like our local Tea Party’s recent “Pray for America” event so prominently publicized by the Central Virginian, that his participation in the Reverend Graham’s rally in Richmond was anything but an expression of tribal loyalty.

tribal-gathering(An astroturfed “religious” … ahem tribal gathering)

Thinking that wrapping himself up in the faith and values of a religious extremist like Reverend Graham will make people forget the Republican Party’s long history of misogynistic, racist, and xenophobic dog-whistles. Now thanks to the Party’s cynical embrace of Trump’s macho blustering, these coded references are no longer in the shadows, and his brand of bombastic behavior has become increasingly normalized.

Some may even recall that during the 2014 primary, how he whined about Eric Cantor refusing to debate him. What they might not know is that he wouldn’t have debated Jack Trammell in 2014, if one of the conditions of his leave of absence from Randolph-Macon was that the debate be held there. Now freed of those external constraints his refusal to debate Eileen Bedell, comes straight out of Cantor’s run out the clock playbook.

Meanwhile, every Republican who continues to accept this kind of behavior bears part of the blame, and its why long after this Drumfpster fire is a distant memory, they will continue to be a tribe which believes in misogyny, racism, intolerance and prejudice.


And they will continue to willfully and defiantly paint themselves into a corner, just like these folks.

corner(Silent majority literally putting themselves in a corner)

Nor should the cynicism and cowardice of local papers like the Central Virginian in failing to report these developments along doing everything they can to surreptitiously promote conservatives like Brat go unnoticed.


(from 10-27-16 edition of CV )

So if you’re not happy with this dysfunctional status quo, voting for Eileen Bedell on the 8th is the best chance that the people of Louisa have for some honest and responsive representation in Congress.

Lewalta Haney

Editors Note: this post is an expanded version of a letter printed in the Central Virginian on 10-27-16, and is only available on line to paid subscribers.

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