Voting for Trump is Not a Vote for America

This is in response to Linda Goode’s editorial “Voting for Trump is a Vote for America.” According to Linda, Clinton wants to take everyone’s bank accounts, checks, homes and everything else. Linda also says that the buzz about references to women and sex about Trump are all made up by the Clintons.

Where is Linda getting her information? I read two newspapers daily and I listen to no less than three news stations, including FOX. The only time I have heard any of Linda’s cited comments, they were made by Trump himself.

Linda believes that because (to her knowledge), Trump’s children do not smoke or drink says a lot for his views. He may have raised them not to drink or smoke, but by own actions, which we have all viewed numerous times during his campaign, he has set the example of lying, cheating people out of money owed, racism, male chauvinism, adultery, hot temper, inciting violence, war mongering, financial failing, never accepting responsibility for his own actions, shipping American jobs overseas, egomania, disrespect for veterans and handicapped people, etc., etc. As a mother and grandmother, I would much prefer my children drink and smoke than to behave like Trump does.

If Clinton is elected, tax breaks will be given to the middle and lower income people, not the rich as Trump proposes. Extremely ill and people with preexisting conditions will continue to have health care with a revised Affordable Care Act (ACA), instead of no insurance as Trump has said he will abolish the ACA on his first day in office. Unlike Trump, Clinton will insure that we will remain in good standing with our allies and honor our treaties. Clinton will find ways to curtail climate change issues and save our planet for future generations instead of saying, as Trump does, that there is no such thing as climate change. Clinton will obtain advice from some of the most intelligent people in America when making decisions about combat and the use of nuclear weapons. When Trump talked about nuclear weapons he said, “if we’ve got them, why can’t we use them?” Clinton will work across the aisle with both Democrats and Republicans. It’s doubtful that Trump will work with his own staff since he considers himself to be the smartest person in the world who knows everything, about everything. He often says “I am the only one” who can do such and such.

So I say, No Linda, voting for Trump is not a vote for America. It is a vote against everything America stands for.

Deanna Nicosia

Editor’s Note: this is an advance preview of a “rebuttal” letter submitted to the Central Virginian for their November 3rd edition.


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