Conservative Delusions

How does one begin to respond to the rubbish of conservatives like Jim Hogan’s 9-29 letter to the editor? The hypocrisy and absurdity of his talking points are intended to fuel fear, hatred and to discourage people from voting.

In rebutting his flawed understanding of economics, affordable healthcare, and a government based upon the Constitution, let’s start with the GOP branding themselves the “conservative” party which they claim is their moral rudder. Conservatives are not particularly moral, nor are they interested in conserving much of anything except perhaps the inefficiency of a “do-nothing” government.

Their tortuous interpretations of economic principles are why they continue to work tirelessly to preserve corporate profits with unending tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy even as those actions eliminate the middle class and increase our national debt. It’s why they are against “burdensome regulations” which would prevent banks and corporate monopolies from enslaving Americans with debt.

Why rather than ensure that American workers are paid a living wage or negotiate with trade unions; they would prefer to see those jobs shipped overseas, because that’s how the invisible hand works. Nor are they interested in managing out-of-control defense spending, preferring to invent new fears to fuel even more spending on defense industry welfare projects.

Mr. Hogan’s remarks are a deliberate diversion away from the fact that his own Party’s policies are responsible for the economic pain Americans are feeling. And it’s a hypocrisy which is particularly noticeable when it comes to affordable healthcare, voting over 60 times to repeal the ACA, without bothering to offer a single alternative, because they don’t want to offend the industries paying for their re-elections.

And it’s a hypocrisy which extends to their attacks on women’s health services, where the New England Journal of Medicine says “The contraception services that Planned Parenthood delivers may be the single greatest effort to PREVENT the unwanted pregnancies that result in abortions…” Where passing laws against a medical procedure which has been diminishing steadily over the past four decades is more important than citizen needs for Food Stamps, school lunch programs, and affordable housing.

By far, their greatest hypocrisy has been their many attacks on our form of representative Democracy. Attacks that started in 2010 with partisan gerrymandering in Republican controlled states, followed by voter suppression laws in 41 states all based on absurd claims of non-existent voter fraud. Attacks fueled by the Citizen v. United decision, which today allows just 10 donors to spent over $1.1 Billion on Republican super PACs.

Allowing the wealthy elite to buy our Congress and promote further deregulation of banks and corporations for their benefit, today’s conservatives don’t support our economy, affordable healthcare, or even our Constitution. And their claims to be champions of these causes are the rankest hypocrisy.


If conservative voters are truly looking to rebuild our infrastructure, implement sensible job creation policies, and replace absurd corporate tax laws, then Republican controlled “do-nothing” Congressmen need to be replaced.

Only YOU can remove them from office, so VOTE accordingly.

Mark Chapman

Editor’s Note: this is an advance preview of a “rebuttal” letter submitted to the Central Virginian for their November 3rd edition.

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