Renewed Hope

After reading this recent overview of the 7th CD race in the Culpeper Star Exponent, I was surprised to discover how far back into history one had go in order to find a time when the people of the 7th CD were actually represented in Congress.  Not since before, Eric Cantor, but since the mid 80’s.

And if the people of the 7th CD elect Eileen Bedell as their next Congresswoman they will have their first real representation in over three decades.

That being said, I have to take exception to Ms. Fluffer’s…I mean Champion’s false equivalency journalism. Where other than a few selected quotes, most of her article appears to have been cut and pasted directly from the candidate’s web and Facebook pages, and where all their positions have “equal” value.

When if fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

And while I have no fundamental objection to 3rd or 4th party candidates running for office, and wish them every success in promoting a more progressive narrative in the political arena, I would question Mr. Kirk’s last minute entry into this race.

The Green & Libertarian Party’s inability to promote candidates from the grass roots up, rather than from the top down has always been a major impediment to their success. Perhaps if they started fielding candidates for local offices; such as the school board, or Board of Supervisors before jumping directly to larger stages, they might find their level of support would rise above  1-2% of voters .

But when it comes to covering someone as cravenly duplicitous as Brat, Ms. Champion’s brand of stenographic reporting does not inform the CSE’s readers, it allows his misrepresntations and lies to go unchecked.

Take for example, Brat’s claim that he has a “solid relationship with all of colleagues in Congress,”  it’s simply not true. Even his fellow Republicans call him “Virginia’s most useless Congressman.”

He along with many of his fellow Freedom Caucus members, are  bomb throwing anarchists,  determined to reduce our representative government down to a small enough size where they won’t just “drown it in the bathtub,” but to completely remold it in their benefactors favor.

His calling someone as ethically challenged as Drumpf a “true change candidate” who he supports 100%, is just one part of his Manchurian recipe for ensuring that Congress remains as unaccountable as possible. And while his grandiose brand of Judeo-Christian free market philosophy plays well with his weak minded base.

It doesn’t change the fact that his proposal would do nothing to increase economic growth, nor will they reduce any deficits. Like Cantor before him, Brat’s notions of responsible governance are little removed from “nice place you got here, shame if something were to happen to it.”

Eileen Bedell is the first Democrat running in the 7th District who has the courage to call out the Republicans and Brat’s hubris for what it really is … “Nuts

And unlike the xenophobic dog whistle commercials Brat uses to whip up his intellectually incurious base into a fearful frenzy , Eileen Bedell offers more than baseless scapegoating.  She offers workable ideas which would address pressing issues, and help fix our broken Congress.

Now that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic Party of Virginia have teamed up to help finance her campaign, we just may have our first real representation in Congress.

Brat has nothing to offer the people of the 7th CD, and the only way he can remain in office is to run out the clock, avoiding being seen in public with, or debating Eileen Bedell, counting on the local media being too lazy to question his positions, lest his chicanery be exposed.

Jon Taylor

Editors Note: This post has been modified for readability from the authors Facebook commentary on this article.

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