The high cost of “Normalization”

I never cease to be amazed at conservative’s such as Mr. Jones, and Ms. Goode’s capacity for hypocrisy.  And contrary to their delusions of persecution, I don’t think less of them because of their faith; I think less of them  because they stood by silently as their short fingered vulgarian spouted non stop racism, sexism, and cruelty and did nothing.

I think less of them because they have chosen to reinforce that same mindset with remarks like this country is “the most divided it’s been since the Civil Rights Act.” Oblivious to the reality that their unwavering tribal support for the Republican Party is what allowed them to become the inheritors of Dixiecratic institutions like voter suppression and Jim Crow.

I think less of them because they watched him; advocate for war crimes (waterboarding), mock disabled people, equate a woman’s worth on her attractiveness, and still supported him. It wasn’t their politics which I found repulsive; it was their decision when it should have mattered most to side with a swaggering bully, something that I and many others will never forget.

When you elect a preening, self-centered con man who takes pride in his ignorance, you will get the type of change such ignorance brings. If his “drain the swamp” venality was restricted to lining his pockets and promoting his business properties overseas, while strong-arming foreign diplomats here at home, our nation might survive.

But it won’t, because his presidency gives Republicans their long awaited opportunity to drain the US Treasury of any remaining funds. And judging from the actions of his transition team, and the past deeds of many of the members of his proposed cabinet it should be clear that he intends on running Washington for the sole benefit of himself and his rich buddies.

Using taxpayer funds to pay for tax credits for the private companies like he’s already trying to do with Carrier, and to pay for cost of building toll roads, whose profits will wind up in the coffers of favored companies.

Meanwhile, his supporters will continue to demonstrate their willingness to repeat whatever they heard on Facebook or some conspiracy website without the slightest thought about whether it’s true.  Such as Mr. Jones claims that in “a world that has always experienced climate change,” we shouldn’t worry about mans contribution to it, or that our cities are being “overrun by crime.” Making it clear that it isn’t just his surrogates and paid shills who believe that we live in a world where facts don’t matter.

Even more disturbing than the media’s refusal to call out his behavior during the campaign as “abnormal” is their preoccupation with “normalizing” his behavior after the election, which brings us to the role that local papers should be playing in addressing similar issues in Louisa County.

While no one should find fault with the CV’s recent December 1st editorial about the recently departed director of the Louisa Arts Center, such commentary on local issues is notable by its rarity.

More importantly, their devotion to reporting “just the facts,” allows them to avoid discussing the implications of the Board of Supervisors punting on their responsibilities to the people of Louisa County, like how they decided to eliminate all regulations for flood plain ordinances, and bio-solids.

Issues which despite being on the opposite end of the political spectrum as myself, that folks like Mr. and Ms. Small, along with Mr. Purcell have all written extensively about, with nary a editorial peep from the CV’s staff.

And as we move towards other pressing local issues such as; the cost of the Central Virginia Regional Jail, the quality of the town of Louisa and Mineral’s water, along with the cost of James River pipeline, will the CV sit on the sidelines?

Or will they continue to cede that responsibility to concerned locals and blogs?

Jon Taylor