Bring Them In

On Friday, January 27, 2016, President Donald Trump (“President”) signed an executive order suspending refugee admissions for 120 days and indefinitely barring the processing of refugees from Syria.  It also seeks to limit immigration both on a religious and ethnicity basis.

This is not who we are, and for residents of Louisa County, it is not who we will be. Our nation, as evidenced through the immigrant background of so many of our families, is built upon the principles of tolerance and understanding.  Denying entry based on where a group of people are from or what they believe defies what our founding fathers fought for.

It is a policy we as a nation took during the buildup to World War II which led to deaths of thousands of Jewish refugees fleeing persecution in their homeland.  It is a policy that can hinder our troops fighting abroad today who rely on intelligence provided from foreign nationals who stand to be denied entry based on this order.

We once stood as a beacon of hope and light for all who were forced to leave their homeland out of fear.  It is time for us to stand up and fly that flag proudly once again.  We also encourage and support Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring effort to obtain information on any detentions in Virginia resulting from the President’s executive order.

Melvin Burruss