Recent allegations that Dave Brat represents the citizens of the 7th District of Virginia have been dismissed after it was confirmed that a meeting with some of his constituents was cancelled by his office at the last moment. It took several weeks of painful effort by these constituents to finally get a meeting scheduled only to be discarded by the incompetence of his office. The sequence of events was as follows.

A number of constituents from the 7th District wanted to meet with Brat to ask questions about policies and to express concerns about the status of programs. After considerable stonewalling, Brat’s office required that questions be submitted in advance before a meeting would be scheduled. Supposedly, this was to have sufficient time to prepare answers. Because of the unresponsiveness displayed by Brat at the February Town Hall Meeting in Blackstone, the written questions had sufficient detail for him to prepare an intelligent and informed response, which the people of the 7th District deserve. A date was finally set for the meeting, but not a time. It wasn’t until the day before the meeting that a time was set. Then, on the day of the meeting, two hours before the meeting, Brat’s office called to cancel the meeting. This was a completely disrespectful act to those who pay his salary and get nothing in return, but this appears to be typical of how he mistreats his constituents.

There are no expectations that he has the courtesy, or the courage either, to reschedule another meeting or to respond in any manner to the questions he requested and ignored. The last response from his office about rescheduling a meeting was that it couldn’t be determined because of uncertainty. The best guess right now for a meeting is never; that way he won’t have to face concerned citizens with his lack of understanding and empathy. His lack of responsibility and accountability to his constituents is worth having bright sunlight shining on it.

He’s obviously trying to avoid having to answer legitimate and serious questions about his untenable positions on various topics. Most likely, he’s trying to save himself from embarrassment because he just doesn’t know the answers, or he knows that he only has the wrong answers. This behavior follows and mimics his dismal performance at the Town Hall Meeting last February in Blackstone. His priorities and responses are better tuned to contributors instead of constituents.

So what does it take to ensure a meeting with Brat; prepare a large donation check instead of questions and answers? Would large checks from his contributors improve the chances of gaining higher priority for a meeting, instead of simple concerns from his constituents? The chances increase; besides, those “contributions” work better to diminish the anxieties of financial expectations of a Representative and motivate his responses, which would be proportional to the size of the contributor’s check. With that extra “pocket change” to supplement whatever campaign he’s really running, he may very likely share the same disdain and unresponsiveness to his constituents as Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) from the Oklahoma 2nd District. His position is that the taxpayers don’t pay him; a cohort of Dave Brat with similar thoughts. And such is the nature of our “Representative” of the 7th District, Dave Brat.

In light of his inaction because of his intense fear and loathing of his constituents by continually avoiding facing them, he is hereby absolved of any further responsibility to further represent the good people of the 7th District. Dave Brat can go home now. All the constituents, voters, and taxpayers of the 7th District have the power – and should exercise it – to remove him from the office he barely occupies and deny him the salary he hasn’t earned. They need to replace him with someone who has the courage to face the problems borne by the people – those same problems he helped to create and refuses to correct.

Go Brat. (Interpret that as “Just Go Away Brat.”)

Joe Mikolajczak