Getting to know Ben Hixon, candidate for delegate

Citizens in Culpeper, Orange and Madison counties have selected Ben Hixon as the nominee in the House of Delegates 30th District to run against incumbent Nick Freitas, who ran unopposed in 2015. The 2017 elections are critically important to getting the Commonwealth of Virginia back on an even keel, as well as being an early referendum on the egregious policies and practices of the current occupants of Congress and the White House.

As ably reported in the Star-Exponent last week, Ben Hixon is a native of Louisiana where he grew up in an atmosphere not unlike the one many Virginians have also experienced. Ben’s forebears were from South Carolina during the American Revolution so he is no stranger to southern ways. He recently moved here from Seattle where he was pursuing graduate studies in computer science. Ben’s mom is an English professor at Middle Tennessee State. His dad is a musician. His brother, who joined the 101st Airborne after 9/11 and fought in Iraq, then went into military intelligence, now lives in Georgia. His first cousins are both ministers, one a Baptist minister down in Mississippi and the other a Methodist minister back in Louisiana.

It is time to take back the House of Delegates. If not for the Governor’s vetoes, the Virginia General Assembly would have set back freedom and liberty in Virginia for decades. Ben Hixon will be one of the leaders in this fight to transform politics as usual. He believes in the Party of Freedom, in contrast to the Party of Trump.

Ben supports personal and economic liberty as well as the strong social safety nets that keep us safe and free. He will cut regressive taxes like the car tax and grocery tax, eliminate barriers for starting new businesses such as excessive occupational licensing, and cut back the regulations that exacerbate crony capitalism.

Ben believes equally in freedom of speech, press, religion and self-defense. But freedom also means the ability to live our lives. Healthcare and an affordable education aren’t just concepts—they are fundamental freedoms that must be guaranteed to every Virginian.

As Ben puts it, “how can we be free to live our lives if we’re not safe from disease and terror? If we don’t have an education? If we don’t have clean water to drink and clean air to breathe?” If elected, Ben will fight for the freedom of everyone in Culpeper, Madison and Orange, and for every Virginian, starting with gerrymandering reform, unencumbered rights to vote and the expansion of Medicaid to the 400,000 uninsured Virginians who desperately need it.

Ben knows that the role and obligation of government is to protect our freedoms. “I’m for freedom of speech, press and religion. I will defend gun rights and homeschooling. Affordable healthcare is a fundamental human freedom, as are education, military protection, voting rights and a healthy environment. I’m for economic liberty, strong private labor unions and the freedom to collectively bargain. Regulations kill jobs and are a last resort to prevent demonstrable harm and fraud. The best way to grow the economy is deregulation coupled with overwhelmingly strong safety nets.

This will not be an easy battle.

Ben Hixon faces a formidable opponent whose war chest is rich indeed. Freitas’s fellows in the House of Delegates, especially those also facing challengers, will close ranks behind him. We can expect further efforts to gerrymander our districts, disenfranchise and discourage voters and deny basic freedoms to every man, woman and child in Virginia.

This past Thursday, the United States House of Representatives, including our very own Congressmen, Dave Brat and Tom Garrett, voted to take health insurance away from tens of millions of Americans. They voted to bankrupt millions more with bogus provisions designed to enrich health insurance companies at the expense of those with pre-existing conditions. They voted to deny Medicaid expansion to the poorest of Americans who so desperately need basic healthcare.

As Paul Waldman so aptly stated In the Washington Post, “I won’t mince words. The health-care bill that the House of Representatives passed this afternoon, in an incredibly narrow 217-to-213 vote, is not just wrong, or misguided, or problematic or foolish. It is an abomination. If there has been a piece of legislation in our lifetimes that boiled over with as much malice and indifference to human suffering, I can’t recall what it might have been. And every member of the House who voted for it must be held accountable.”

The only way to reverse these shenanigans that are being perpetrated by the irresponsible scalawags (an honorable, old American political term) in the Congress, is to restore government of the people, for the people and by the people. This means starting with Virginia’s own House of Delegates—starting with electing Ben Hixon to replace Nick Freitas. Then, we can move on to take back the House of Representatives from reprobates like our Congressmen, Dave Brat and Tom Garrett, in 2018.

Find out more about Ben on his Facebook page and on his website, You will find an outstanding discussion of his views on the issues important to all of us. Ben Hixon is a candidate I can back. I hope you all can, too. Resist, insist, persist, enlist.

Mike McClary

Editor’s Note: This article is reprinted with author’s permission and originally appeared here.