Dave братъ is the Wurst

Apparently Congressman Brat was busy limiting his public interactions even before voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act. An avoidance tactic he intends to double down on with his May 9th Town Hall in Midlothian, starting with restricting the number of tickets for seats in an effort to pack the house with Republican faithful.  

And when coupled with his self serving “announcement” that because of concerns about “leaving litter behind” that no signs, placards, banners, or flyers would be permitted, it’s clear he’s trying to avoid the bad optics of any negative public reaction.

Having attended his 2016 Clown Hall in Louisa, I can say that it will be a predictable affair; starting with a lengthy biography.

And eventually he will get around to telling everyone that only draconian actions will save us from insolvency, accompanied by a litany of bogus statistics, it will be the first of many lies he tells that evening.

Unlike his previous public meetings, he will not simply ignore the audience; he will use those lies to bait for anyone foolish enough to challenge his authority. A tactic which allows him to avoid answering any questions, manipulating his ultra-conservative audience’s sense of dismay over these “questions” — in their “sanctuary” — to steer any conversation back into a reassuring patter designed to mislead constitutients and the faithful alike.  

And it’s an echo chamber effect we’ve seen before, where the local Republican representatives gather to share and reinforce their lies. And thus far, the only question with Senator Chase is what role she will play in this farce.

While Brat’s primary goal is to minimize any negative publicity, he will attempt to dismiss any controversy over his deed or remarks as the work of “paid” activists.  Convinced these transparent lies will help persuade an incurious media that their video clips are the real story. 

Or perhaps he’s counting on local papers to simply ignore that this meeting ever took place, just as the Central Virginian did when they failed to cover any of Louisa’s three Town Halls.

The reason why he exerts such control over his meetings is to hide his limitations as a public speaker in plain sight. It’s no secret he conceals his compulsive tics and mannerisms by limiting his movements, or that he’s a painfully awkward and uninteresting public speaker. He is first and foremost a professional liar, a charlatan with a lifetime of experience delivering canned speeches to captive audiences.

And even though he’s just a well trained delivery boy, he’s no pushover. So don’t expect him to be easily derailed, or flustered by questions. The way he rolls with the punches is to use “humor” to deflect any line of questioning in as contemptuously and dismissive a manner as humanly possible.

And if you are still determined to learn more about his incompetence, take a look at how  he functions outside of tightly controlled environments. Like this recent radio show, where in a freewheeling format his disjointed word salad sounds more like a Valley Girl suffering from Tourette’s syndrome than a Congressman.

Now ask yourself if this is Virginia’s Most Useless Congressman, or someone who will really represent you?   

Jon Taylor

Editor’s note: A version of this letter appeared in the May 11th edition of the Central Virginian, and is only available via hard copy or online to paying subscribers.