Why this year’s election is important

Over the past few weeks, people have been receiving multiple fliers in their mailboxes, and it’s virtually impossible to drive anywhere in the county without seeing any election signs. Nor is it any coincidence that they are all for Republican candidates.

And it is another indication of the huge disparity in financial and logistical support between the two parties at the state level.  And why this year’s election will be one of the most important elections in your lifetime

Republicans are currently one seat short of a veto proof super majority in the House, and 5-6 seats short in the Senate. Should they get a super majority in the House, or even retake the Governor’s mansion this year; this will be the kind of legislation Virginia’s General Assembly passes in the years to come.

And with 87 House of Delegate seats being contested this year, versus the usual 15 to 20, it remains to be seen if the Koch Brothers sponsored American’s For Prosperity disinformation campaign has enough money or resources to ensure their continued dominance of the General Assembly.

You may have also noticed several letters in the CV supporting various candidates; personal “endorsements” which offer little reason to support any of the candidates. And if you look closely at the candidates Facebook pages, you will see that only two candidates bothered to lay out their policy positions.

Unsurprisingly, other than claiming they will somehow “protect” the 2nd amendment, the innocent, and eliminate regulations and taxes, they have almost nothing to say.

This is not an oversight; they are emulating Eric Cantor’s … I mean Dave Brat’s approach to public relations. Convinced that by attending only “events” filled with the like minded, they will be able to use their talking point to raise money … I mean protect themselves from any “inappropriate” feedback, while avoiding talking about any real issues.

Actions which allow them to hide in plain sight the fact that their Party hasn’t had any relevant ideas in over forty years, and that since the 80’s their “solution” has always been to double down on those failed policies.

Up until this year, Republicans in the 56th District have been able to get away with ignoring their constituency knowing full well that in the absence of any meaningful “opposition,” the only thing they  had to do to get elected was to have their name on the ballot.

And for nearly two decades, it allowed one rubber stamp Republican after another to be elected, starting with Bill Janis who was never seen or heard from, except at election time. To his replacement, the slick Peter Farrell, who was literally “appointed” to his first term in office by a Republican gang of four.

And whose notion of being responsive to his constituents concerns consisted of “legislative updates” that pretended to inform them, but were in fact, designed to put a positive “spin” on his Party’s  punitive actions and hypocritical agendas.  

And so far, only one Republican candidate has demonstrated the courage to appear at a well publicized event (Louisa Community Extravaganza) that wasn’t one of their usual echo chambers.

Meanwhile both Democratic candidates, Melissa Dart and Lizzie Drucker have attended several well publicized meetings in Louisa, including the Community Extravaganza, and plan on attending larger events like the upcoming Louisa’s June 10th Street Fair.

So if you really want to learn more about the candidates, take a closer look at their positions, and watch how they interact with the public between now and the June 13th primary.

Jon Taylor