Brat pack doesn’t play fair

Recent news coverage of Rep. Dave Brat’s town hall [Teeming with Anger, May 17th] focused on the display of anger rather than the cause, questioning if the left was becoming divisive – nothing could be further from the truth. While opinions differ as to the best tactic, we all agree the tea party Republican’s are a detriment to our community and must go.

One reason is that they don’t fight fair.

An example of this occurred during the recent Bon Air parade, when against explicit rules of “no campaigning,” they marched with “vote for” signs of eight Republican candidates, from Congressman to Board of Supervisors, plastered on two trucks, billboards in the beds, and stickers on their chests. Brat even stuck “Brat” stickers on babies, his photographer snapping photos with parade-goers, some of which refused to shake his hand.

Liberal Women of Chesterfield County (LWCC) carried signs honoring our suffragette history. Katie Sponsler Democratic nominee for the House 66th, dressed in Victorian costume and handed out candy, instead of asking for votes. She is running against a delegate who hasn’t had a challenger since 1995. Jenefer Hughes marched with nothing indicating her run for Commissioner of Revenue. Ben Person-Nelson’s request to march was denied due to the no-campaigning rule.

All of the Democratic candidates honored the rules. All three would have greatly benefited from name recognition if they had disregarded the rules like the Republicans chose to do. Yet the Republican’s bad manners won’t make the news.

They might have not screamed F-you at a town hall, but that’s exactly what their actions spoke.

Despite this blatant rule breaking, they had the audacity to complain to an even volunteer that LWCC was allowed to march, implying we may cause trouble. Often, liberals get painted as disruptive. This week alone, LWCC donated 180 reams of paper to area schools, and paid off student lunch debts. That won’t make the news either.

For those of you who will say, I’m just a liberal making a big deal out of nothing- the Bon Air Historical Society which hosts the parade, emailed me immediately afterwards and said the Republican’s actions were unacceptable, and because of them all future politician’s were banned from future parades.

They called LWCC a “great addition,” and thanked us for adhering to the rules, inviting us back next year. We did receive a warm welcome from the crowd, with cheer and people exclaiming how grateful they were to see us in Bon Air.

While some might dispute that these tea party Republicans are hypocrites in preaching generosity, the creating stingy destructive policies, it’s certainly clear they are hypocrites in complaining about loud town halls and women honoring Victorian suffragettes in a parade when they can’t even be bothered to follow the clear rules of the parade.

These are men and women that we’ve entrusted to create laws for all Virginians; shouldn’t we be able to trust them to abide by the simple rules of a hometown parade.

Kim Drew Wright

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared here, in the May 31st edition of the Chesterfield Observer, and is re-posted with the author’s permission.

It should also be noted that many of Ms. Wrights points in her letter were reinforced by the fact that the Observer chose to print these two letters the previous week, presumably as the “conservative” response to their slanted May 17th article.