Brat doesn’t know his Constituents

In a recent email from Dave Brat requesting donations for his re-election next year, he said he was dismayed by reactions at town hall meetings from people who did not understand why he voted for the Republicans’ American Health Care Act.

Undoubtedly, Dave doesn’t know much about his constituents.

The majority of the people in the 7th District are not part of the upper 1 percent. The only rich people in this district are some who have transplanted themselves to the country for a quieter life.

Under the Republican health care act, spending for Medicaid will be reduced by almost $900 billion. Older people can be charged more than others. The number of illnesses considered to be pre-existing will increase as states seek waivers in federal provisions.

The offset is that the upper 1 percent of taxpayers will see a $1 trillion reduction of taxes.

In other words, to Brat and his Republican teammates, it is more important to give millionaires and billionaires more tax breaks than it is to provide basic, life-saving health care to the less fortunate. Sound good to you? Not to me.

The health care act is just the beginning of Donald Trump’s war on 99 percent of Americans. His budget calls for cuts to social programs (fuel assistance, Meals on Wheels, Medicaid, food stamps, and nursing homes for elderly who can’t otherwise afford it). In his usual fashion, Brat will vote for the party, not his constituents.

When did we become a country that cares more about the upper 1 percent than we do about the rest of us?

Trump’s budget proposal will be even worse for the lower and middle classes, but you can bet Brat will vote for his party, not for his constituents.

Deanna Nicosia

Editors Note: this article has been re-posted with the author’s permission and originally appeared here.