This country always helped the poor

In his letter, “Democrats need to grow up,” William Hollins writes: “For the past eight years Democrats were in control of this country and we have gone downhill.” I don’t know what country Hollins has been living in, but based upon his comments, it surely wasn’t the U.S. And as for how the Republican Congress treated President Obama, it is the opposite of what he remembers. Almost seven of the eight years Obama was in office, Republicans controlled Congress. They were very vocal about their desire to ensure that Obama failed. When he was re-elected for a second term I don’t think there were a half-dozen times that the Republican Congress supported him.

Hollins’ belief that if members of Congress will not support the president, they need to be replaced, has merit. Unfortunately, most of the Republican congressional members were not replaced and remain in office.

The only hope the U.S. has to return to what the nation was founded upon is that Republicans do not support Trump. We began as a country of immigrants. When neighbors were in need, they were given help. When they needed medical attention, doctors took care of them whether they could pay or not. Now Trump wants to gut programs that help the poor with plans to cut food stamps and Medicaid.

I would highly recommend that Hollins do some thorough research about the past seven years in Washington and what our country was like when it was founded.

Deanna Nicosia

Editors Note: this article has been re-posted with the author’s permission and originally appeared here.