What’s the connection?

What’s the connection between the Louisa County Board of Supervisors “firing” Eric Purcell from the Planning Commission, oversize political ads, and the current broadband project?

They’re all based on an uncommon devotion to dogmatic thinking and the deconstruction of the administrative state, where government regulations and agencies tasked with protecting citizens and their interests are systematically eliminated.

And it’s one of the biggest reasons why we have such a dysfunctional Board.  Nor should it come as any surprise to learn that some of their recent actions were not based on best practices, but ideology.

And it’s an autocratic approach to governance which starts with their current chair, Troy Wade, and county administrator, Christian Goodwin participating in a five county rebellion to “force” the Central Virginia Regional Jail to spend all of their remaining reserves before any of the counties would chip in another dime.

Who will piously claim to their dying day that they were only interested in saving the county money, deliberately leaving out the part were those actions did absolutely nothing in the long run to control expenses.

One of many inconvenient details; like delaying the vote on funding the Broadband initiative, at least until a more amenable supervisor could be sworn in. To holding additional hearings on bio-solids to “explore public sentiment,” along with completely repealing the County’s A-2 housing, flood plain and bio-solids ordinances, apparently with little awareness of, or thought given to what the consequences of those actions might be.

Of the four Board of Supervisor’s elections this year, two are being contested, and two are running unopposed. Unfortunately, that same split helps to protect the County’s two most useless supervisors who should have been voted out of office ages ago. Nor is it likely they will be leaving this year.

The best opportunity to fix our dysfunctional Board comes in 2019 when Willie Gentry, Troy Wade, and Tony Williams are up for re-election.  And if a recent survey showing that more than half of Republicans are “convinced” that millions voted illegally in this past election, and would have few qualms if the Drumpf decided to postpone the 2020 election is accurate, many in their districts will continue to blindly support them no matter what they do.

Meanwhile, the only “competitive” race appears to be between Stephanie Koren and Duane Adams in the Mineral District.  Given the CV’s history of under reporting the issues and the candidates, it remains to be seen what they will say about this race, or the 56th State Delegate contest between Melissa Dart and John McGuire.

And will they continue to promote syndicated op-ed’s at the expense of local commentary, while ignoring easily researchable facts, like which local and state candidates are being supported by out of state plutocratic concerns like Americans for Prosperity, a known Koch brothers front.


Editor’s note: A version of this op-ed was submitted to the Central Virginian, and after two weeks, it’s safe to say they have no intention of publishing it.

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