Broadband access to the digital world

With the world becoming increasingly connected by the internet, it’s important that all of us have access to this resource. For the student, it has become the book. For the business, it’s the highway that connects them to the supplier and the customer. For most homes, it connects folks to their banks, friends, doctor, and entertainment.

But here in Louisa, we have large areas where coverage is poor or extremely expensive. We can and must do better.

I’ve been watching the candidates for local and state office to see how they would tackle this problem.

Duane Adams, a candidate for Mineral District Supervisor, published an ad calling for fiber optic cable running to every house. This would be great but seems unrealistic when we can’t even get towers built giving us basic service.

Melissa Dart, the Democratic nominee for the 56th District House of Delegates seat, includes the expansion of broadband into rural areas as part of her plan to create an economy that works for everyone. She clearly sees the problem and is committed to working on it.

Her opponent, John McGuire, makes no mention of rural broadband access on his website.  This leads one to assume that he is either unfamiliar with the issue or unaware of how to tackle it.

The Louisa Chamber of Commerce has invited both Melissa Dart and John McGuire to a debate on October 17 at the VFW Hall in Mineral.  Melissa has accepted the Chamber’s invitation but, as far as I know, John has not.

I sincerely hope John McGuire will attend this debate and share with Louisa residents his views on broadband access in our area.  The citizens of Louisa County deserve to know where those who seek to represent us stand on this and other critical issues.

Dave Kellar

Editor’s note: The original format of the Chamber Commerce event was scheduled to be a debate, but has since been changed to a “Meet and Greet” on the 24th of October.

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