Looking behind the Distractions

If these past few weeks weren’t enough to make you realize that the Drumpf is not one to let empathy or human decency get in the way of self-aggrandizement—even in the face of hurricanes, then nothing will.

His pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio as Harvey was making landfall because the “ratings would be far higher,” was not a coincidence. It came after his remarks about Charlottesville; disingenuously declaring “blame on both sides,” while implying White Nationalist’s are “very fine people.”

According to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, his pardon signals that this Administration will indeed endorse racial profiling and intends to overlook flagrant violations of the law. And remember this is for violating a judicial order, not for federal statutes unlike previous presidential pardons.

When the president issues a pardon for criminal contempt of court, he’s interfering with the ability of another branch of government, the judiciary, to perform its constitutional duties.

And in a separate statement about his decision to end DACA within the next six months, they said “The decision is a tremendous blow to the personal dreams and ambitions of DREAMers. They now are at risk of being exploited in the workplace and deported and prevented from fully contributing to and supporting their families, communities, and country.”

Still, many feel he has betrayed his allies by agreeing with the Democratic leaders to tie hurricane relief into a three-month extension of the debt ceiling and funding the government through early December without seeking any concessions whatsoever.

This what he does; play both sides against each other in order to assert his dominance. Now that Congress has been liberated from funding the government for the next few months, they can give their undivided attention to—tax cuts for the rich before the fiscal year runs out, especially if they can repeal the Affordable Care Act in the process.

Meanwhile, Replicant’s will double down on other distractions; like Brat stating “It is time we keep our promises” whenever discussing the Drumpf’s DACA proclamation. Claiming with a straight face that we are making a ”pretense of American rule of law” by upholding it when in fact, this administration has made a mockery of the law by doubling down on Party’s xenophobic policies.

Brat even implies that “wages have been flat for 40 years,” because of immigration, not even recognizing how close to the truth … I mean edge of conservative heresy he’s come by admitting that reality.

When the real pretense is Republican’s believe in anything but unchecked authoritarianism which ensures the wealth continues to flow upwards. And it’s why John McGuire (56th district) makes a point of hanging out with some of the Commonwealth’s worse legislators; Kirk Cox, John O’Bannon and Bryce Reeves.

Or Duane Adams, running for Supervisor in the Mineral District, minimizing his son’s relationship with Bryce Reeves along with the support they are getting from dark money groups like Americans for Prosperity, coupled with the reality whose bidding they would do if elected.

Jon Taylor

Editor’s Note: this is an advance preview of a letter submitted to Central Virginian. Should it be printed, it will only be available online to paying subscribers, or cross posted here.

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