Transparency in Health Care

It is interesting to review some American history as we ponder our concerns about health care delivery in the United States. Going way back there was a short lived health care system of national medical care, with federal government involvement, in the South. In the 20th century the United States was influenced by progressive initiatives for universal coverage supported by a Republican presidential candidate.  Theodore Roosevelt (R), in 1933, and Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) included publicly funded health care programs while drafting provisions to Social Security legislation.  This was eliminated in the final product.

In 1949 President Harry S. Truman (D) proposed universal health care, Lyndon B. Johnson’s (D) proposals created Medicare and Medicaid, and proposals by Ted Kennedy (D) and President Richard Nixon (R) promoted variations of universal health care along with Democrats Jimmy Carter, Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama.  President Barack Obama’s universal health care plan became law with the passage of the Affordable Care Act signed in March 2010.  The provision of universal health care has been a centerpiece of political campaigning since then.

Melissa Dart is a candidate for District 56 of the Virginia House of Delegates election.  In addition to being a strong supporter of improved education for our children, Dart has a vast knowledge of how our health care delivery systems work and understands the difference between “access” and affordability.  Melissa holds a Master’s of Science in Health Administration from VCU, has 20 years of experience in healthcare administration, finance, reimbursement, and recognizes the changes necessary to improve the Affordable Care Act.  It is a fact that doctors and hospitals are incentivized to treat illness rather than maintain health.  We, the public, need more transparency in the delivery of our health care so we can keep Virginians and all Americans healthier and have more money in our pockets.  Vote for Melissa Dart on November 7.

Kathy Zeiler, RN, Retired Veterans Affairs Hospital Administrator

Editor’s note: This article has been reposted with the author’s permission, and is a preview of a letter submitted to Louisa County’s paper of record, the Central Virginian, where after 3 weeks it was finally published under a different title in their 10-12 issue, and is only available online to paying subscribers, or here.

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