Taxes – a necessary evil

Recently Senator John McCain informed the Senate that he could not support the current proposed revision to the Affordable Care Act. McCain’s reasoning was based on many factors, most importantly that millions would either lose healthcare or would not be able to afford it, especially those with preexisting conditions.

Here in Virginia, lower income families have already been denied insurance by the Republican controlled legislature who refused to expand Medicaid even though the federal government was going to pay for it.

Now, we in Virginia, have a gubernatorial candidate— Ed Gillespie—who supports the financial cutbacks in healthcare, even though almost all medical organizations in existence here in the U.S. say it is a horrible plan. Not only does he support the federal cutbacks, even though Republicans want to put responsibility for healthcare on the states, he also wants to cut taxes.

This will be on top of President Trump’s proposed tax cuts. That sounds great doesn’t it? Tax cut promises are one of most used political ploys to get votes. Tax cuts always sound great until it is time to pay the bills. It sounded great when Governor Jim Gilmore implemented a tax cut on vehicles, but it didn’t take long after that for Virginia to run into the red, unable to pay our bills. Other taxes had to be implemented and the car tax relief was modified.

I don’t know of anyone who wants to pay taxes, but almost everyone I know wants good police protection, good fire and rescue responders, top notch teachers and schools, good roads and affordable healthcare. All of these cannot be paid for if insufficient funds are not collected to pay for them. Currently, Virginia does not have enough police officers or teachers to fill jobs because we do not pay them enough.

Ralph Northam isn’t seeking tax cuts. He’s seeking to improve our healthcare system for all Virginians. He isn’t seeking to take money from our public schools. He is seeking to find ways for ALL of our children to get a quality education. Despite what Gillespie says, Virginia is doing just fine. Several new businesses have come to Virginia and our unemployment rate is 3.8 percent—one of the lowest in the nation. Why vote against a good thing? Vote for Northam.

Deanna Nicosia

Editor’s note: This letter which appeared in the October 5th edition of the Central Virginian has been reposted with the author’s permission and is only available online to paying subscribers, or here.


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