Mom need good health care now

Melissa Dart for the 56th District. Endorsed by one tired parent who can see that Dart understands health care issues whereas her opponent, John McGuire, only makes vague statements about “cutting regulations.”

Dart has 20 years experience in the health care field, with a master’s in health administration and a commitment to see that 300,000 Virginians who are insured through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and 400,000 Virginians who are uninsured, have a chance at affordable and accessible health care.

My son was injured by a needle stick 15 months ago and is only now getting appropriate assessments of the nerve damage to his knee. At the rate he is receiving care, I can’t afford to be anything but a single issue voter, and I can’t afford to adopt a “wait-and-see” attitude about what John McGuire might mean or which regulations he wants to cut.

My son was placed on FAMIS (the state Children’s Health Insurance Program) because of his disability, although I had applied for health insurance for him through the exchange. He has already been placed on FAMIS again for 2018; again, I did not re-apply and the decision was made without my input, meaning that his only option to access health care is through FAMIS/Medicaid.

I am a self-employed business owner. I am only able to apply for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. I am also an older parent, and concerned about possible leaps in premiums for my age group. Vague statements about regulations do nothing to inspire my confidence.

Candidate John McGuire has worked hard to overcome obstacles including a potentially devastating spinal injury. In order to make that unusual comeback, he benefitted from some sort of health care access. Many people with disabilities do not have the great fortune that Mr. McGuire has had.

I would like my son, whose prognosis for recovery has been severely affected by how long it has taken for him to obtain treatment (nerve injuries have a very limited window for regrowth and repair) to have the same chance at accessing health care so that he, too, can recover, if possible.

Paula C. Durbin-Westby

Editor’s Note: This originally appeared in the Central Virginian, and has been re-posted with the author’s permission, and is only available on-line to paying subscribers, or here.


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