What’s driving conservative’s resentful claims?

Some of you may recall that during last year’s rebuttal week that I discussed how letters from local Republicans in our local paper, the Central Virginian follow predictable patterns.  Since so many of this year’s conservative letters are following that same path, I’m submitting this “rebuttal” letter to them a week before the last election letters have been printed.

Mostly because there will be anything that hasn’t already been said, like Mr. Arment’s October 19th letter supporting Duane Adams, praising his  “commitment to community service,” and Ms. Mundt’s letter a week earlier, talking about his focus on “wasteful spending”, and how the County is not “meeting its obligations.” Along with Ms. Carters claims in the same issue that he has found workable “non government solutions to internet

What all of these letters have in common is that they give no specific examples to support their claims.

Nor is this due to space limitations, the absence of relevant information is a deliberate omission intended to muddy the waters with resentment. Emotional distractions used to prop up authority figures, claiming they are the only ones capable of protecting the people of Louisa. To the extent that there are some things the Board of Supervisors could have done better, they have a point.

Unfortunately, their approach is to fling stuff to the wall and see what sticks. From complaining about lack of high speed internet while offering no realistic solutions, to badmouthing the 208/522 roundabout, to claiming there are too few police on the night shift, in the hopes that something sticks.

Purposely confusing every issue with a collection of diversions away from the real problem; the elephants on the Board of Supervisors, like Tommy Barlow who is running unopposed, and Dick Havasay who has a challenger.

The fact that neither of these supervisors (or most of the board for that matter) has a constituent Facebook page is a strong indication they’re not willing to live in the 21st century, or to be held be accountable for their actions, clear signs that they should have been sent to elephant graveyard years ago. Hopefully a lesson the people will remember in 2019, as two more of the Boards dinosaurs come up for re-election.

While incumbent Stephanie Koren in the Mineral district and challenger Bob Babyock in the Green Springs district have Facebook pages, and have been very responsive on line questions and concerns.

As a member of the Louisa Democratic Committee, I can’t openly support independent candidates, but having talked extensively with both, I’m confident the people in their districts and the County would be well represented by either. Speaking of representation, let’s talk about the fact that we don’t have any in the House of Delegates, and haven’t had any for over a decade.

While some might be swayed by the numerous signs plastered all over the County that’s not much to go on. All it tells me is that he’s spending a lot of money on signs.  In fact, as of September 30th, his campaign has spent more than twice as much as the Dart Campaign.

And when you compare what’s been appearing in your mailbox recently with what you were seeing during the primaries and with the top level candidates in the upcoming general election there is nothing. It appears that he’s content to rest on his tribal affiliations, and spend his time hobnobbing with the Party sycophants and wealthy minded rather than engage the people of Louisa County.

Other than participating in the Chamber of Commerce candidate forum in May, just before the primaries, McGuire has been conspicuously absent from public events in Louisa where his views could be contrasted with Melissa Dart’s.


Image courtesy of Dart for Delegate campaign

And it’s a  level of avoidance so pronounced that when asked point blank at the Louisa Arts Centers Silver Tie Gala earlier this month if he would be participating in Chamber of Commerce’s October 24th Meet and Greet, he didn’t even bother to respond.

Although, it should be noted that he did show up unannounced a half hour into this event and did speak with his supporters.

Nor do his  claims on his Facebook page of “sharing the stage with our opponent at the Farm Bureau candidate’s debate” hold up to much scrutiny.  Speaking for a few minutes at events like this, and fielding a single question hardly counts as a meaningful interaction with the public, let alone a “debate.”

In fact, unless you count his brother’s letter during the primaries, there hasn’t been a single letter in the Central Virginian supporting him.

As you read about conservative values from the CV’s regulars’ like Jim Hogan and Jerry Reynolds; keep in mind that their talking points and straw man arguments are nothing more than willful distractions intended to avoid any meaningful discussion of the issues.

So, if you’re getting tired of the same old rhetoric, vote for Melissa Dart as your next representative in the House of Delegates, and for all of the Democrats (Northam, Fairfax and Herring) at the top of the ticket if you really want to shake things up.
Jon Taylor

Editor’s note: This is an expanded version of a letter submitted to Louisa County’s paper of record, the Central Virginian and was printed in their October 26th issue, and is only available on-line to paying subscribers, or here.

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