The Democratic ticket is the right path

Once again, our future is at stake. On November 7, we should go to the polls and vote for the best future for Virginians for the next four years. The Democrats have done good job in the past four years. Terry McAuliffe has closed 1,032 economic development deals (worth Virginia $18.52 billion in capital investment in Virginia’s economy.) Facebook is now building a $ 1 billion facility in Virginia. Ralph Northam has plans to recharge rural economies by expediting small business development and waiving some taxes during early development. These jobs will help every Virginian. The state unemployment rate is 3.7% and will go lower if this rate of economic development continues.

The bustling Virginia economy isn’t the only reason you should vote for Democrats this November 7th. They are keeping educational standards high in Virginia to attract world-class businesses. Companies don’t move here for an uneducated and untrained workforce. Unlike Ed Gillespie’s plan to divert money from public education to private schools, Democratic candidates are strong supporters of PUBLIC education.

Attorney General Candidate Justin Fairfax believes we need to expand early childhood education to provide high-quality preschool to all children. With his own children in public schools, he has followed the SOLs and supports efforts to reform them, eliminate much of the taking/retaking of tests, redesign the curriculum to match student needs, and expand workforce training so those who want can get the training needed to have a career and make a decent living.

Delegate Candidate Melissa Dart has a Masters in Science and Healthcare Administration and has worked in the field for many years. She understands the issues that confront Virginians and their healthcare. She will bring expertise and experience to helping solve those issues for Virginians.

Melissa’s own children are in the public school system and she believes in improving public education and maintaining the excellence of our schools for all children. Melissa also advocates for increased emphasis on skill training programs and supports funding for the Virginia Community College System and its network of campuses around the state.

Mark Herring has done much in Virginia to protect citizens – prosecuting criminals, going after those perpetrating fraud on senior citizens, and establishing a consumer protection service for citizen complaints. Herring has made efforts to reform the criminal justice system, protect Virginians from discrimination and protect their right to vote.

All of the candidates on the Democratic ticket have come out strong for stimulating the economy through small business growth, strengthening public education and expanding workforce development, and improving healthcare for Virginians.

Compare this with their GOP opponents – Gillespie is a professional Washington lobbyist (from the swamp that Trump wants to drain). Attorney General Candidate John Adams, a details guy, got his law license suspended for not paying his dues to the bar. He will be minding the store. Hah!

The candidate for 56th delegate – John McGuire -is a personal trainer by trade. Does this offer any useful experience for work in the House of Delegates? Maybe he will start a morning exercise class for the members.

JoAnna Hickman


Editors Note: This article has been reposted with the author’s permission, and originally appeared in the October 26th edition of the Central Virginian, and is only available online to paying subscribers, or here.

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