Deceptive messages

RT Williams III October 26th letter titled “Accountability with party Affiliation,” is the most dangerously misleading letter I’ve ever read in the Central Virginian.   His claim that “if anything party affiliation holds elected officials accountable to their campaign promises” is a deliberately deceptive statement which doesn’t hold up to the slightest scrutiny.

When the reality is, the Republican Party’s campaign promises, and indeed notions of policy are premised on ideology versus responsible governance. One only has to take a look at the actions of Virginia’s Republican dominated General Assembly over these past 4 years. Or the deconstructionist deeds of this administration and Republican controlled Congress this past year to see that this is not just a simple misrepresentation, it’s a flat out lie.

One compounded by another half truth that “the local parties do not have “Whips” to make sure that their elected officials always toe the party line.” No, they don’t have whips in the same sense as the General Assembly or Congress. But what he’s really asking the Central Virginian’s readers to do is ignore evidence which indicates that today’s Republican Party isn’t a vertically integrated cartel, that operates much like the Robber Baron’s of the 19th Century.

Using unscrupulous means to promote their philosophy in ways little removed from William Randolph Hearst’s infamous comment, that “you furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war,” like the non-stop campaign ads we’ve been seeing on TV. Constantly manipulating their messages to fit a predetermined ideology, regardless of the actual facts, using captive public relations organizations like; Fox News, and soon, Sinclair Broadcast Group to manipulate the American peoples perceptions of reality.

In an unremitting barrage of propaganda which has helped bring this nation to the brink of anarchy; with states dominated by a single party, a dysfunctional Congress, and now a dangerously ignorant President. Having effectively captured most of the states and Congress, Republicans intend to bring this same ideologically based dysfunction down to the County level.

Working with a host of allied groups; such as AFP, ALEC, and most recently ACCE, the American City County Exchange to extend their aggressive brand of privatization and tax cuts to places like Louisa County. Grooming a farm team of corporate-friendly politicians and equipping them with the resources to promote special-interests at the local level.

And it’s why they are endorsing Duane Adams for the Mineral District Supervisor. For those of you unfamiliar with how local elections are done in the Commonwealth of Virginia, candidate’s from Sheriff to Board of Supervisors with rare exceptions ran as independents, with no party affiliation.

A quaint Southern tradition which was scrupulously observed until the Bush era, and was the case in Louisa County, at least until Tom Garrett (Now Congressman Garrett) ran for Commonwealth Attorney in 2007. And up until this year, no Supervisor in living memory had ever run under any party banner.

Nor was it any coincidence to learn that Republican Senator Bryce Reeves, who rode into office in 2011 on a Tea Party wave of discontent is supporting him. Or that Mr. Adams son, Tyler is Reeve’s finance manager, and that this flyer emulates the same dishonest tactics Reeves used to unseat a 28 year Democratic incumbent.

Just some of the many inconvenient details that Louisa County’s paper of record the Central Virginian has been aware of for some time, yet for some reason has chosen to remain silent about.  And when it comes to covering stories and events which might portray conservatives, aka Republicans in a less favorable light, their standard response has been to say nothing.

Starting with two Town Halls in 2014 that our Republican state legislators; Senator’s Garrett and Reeves, along with Delegate Peter Farrell that was described by the Richmond Times Dispatch as “welcome to the echo chamber.”

For a small town like Louisa,  the odds that these two Town Halls, along with a third Town Hall in 2016 with Congressman Dave Brat would not be covered by a the only local paper in the County defies belief.  In fact, unless their readers happened to read the two letters to the editor; Louisa’s Town Hall Meeting and GOP holds the state for ransom over Medicaid  they would have had no idea that these meetings even happened.

Which brings us to this year, when the Mineral Industrial Development Corporation, a local legal entity which hasn’t conducted any meaningful business in decades suddenly announced they were hosting a debate between various Supervisor candidates, including Mr. Adams, and that it would be “moderated” by the Central Virginian’s editor.

Considering that their membership consists solely of staunch Republicans and the person Ms. Koren defeated four years ago, it would appear that it was resurrected just to promote Mr. Adams. A chain of  circumstances which raises two possibilities; either the Central Virginian’s staff were duped into agreeing to moderate this debate, or they knowingly chose to advocate for this group, and Mr. Adams.

Given their legacy of not covering the only three town halls in our town’s history and downplaying the ongoing misadventures of the Louisa Board of Supervisors, perhaps their readers should decide for themselves.

Jon Taylor

Editor’s note: This is an expanded version of a letter submitted to the Central Virginian for their November 2nd rebuttal issue, and assuming they print it will only be available on-line to paying subscribers, or here.

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